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Downtown Petitcodiac

Downtown Petitcodiac


The law office of Lindsay Brown is a general practice located in quiet, friendly Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, located about 50 kilometres from Moncton and Sussex, and about 100 kilometres from Saint John and Fredericton. My office primarily serves the people of Petitcodiac, Salisbury, Havelock, Elgin, Anagance and all the communities between and around.


I offer most legal services* required in our community, including

  • Real Estate Transactions - Purchase and Sale of Residential and Commercial Properties and Land, Mortgages, Remortgages
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Committees, Estates, Trusts
  • Family law:
    • Mediation of Family Law Issues (Separation, Custody, Child/Spousal Support, Property Division)
    • Preparation of Separation Agreements, Pre-marital/Cohabitation Contracts
    • Divorces
  • Dispute Resolution via Mediation:
    • Private Disputes (E.g., neighbor disputes, estate disputes)
    • Labour and Employment Disputes
    • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Contract Preparation or Review
  • Some Commercial Transactions - Purchase/Sale of Businesses, Assets, Shares
  • Some Small Corporate and Business Matters
  • Small Debt Collections
  • Oaths and Notarizations

* Please note my practice is focussed on the peaceful and prompt resolution of disputes, based on legal rights and obligations and the respective interests of the parties involved -- most often by way of meeting with all parties, working together, and mediating a settlement. I do not practice adversial law, so if issues cannot be resolved by mediation, or if a conflict of interest is present or arises, clients will be referred to another lawyer.


Regular office hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Closed all major holidays


Regardless of the nature of your matter, I will help you understand the law that applies to your situation, emphasizing your rights and responsibilities. We will discuss the options available to you to resolve any problems, and work together to achieve your resolution.

Please contact me with any type of legal problems or questions you may have, and I will do what I can to assist.